1. Fulfillment of the Sales Conditions

1.1. Sales conditions are effective for wildberry.ee Clients (customers) and wildberry.ee owners – Wild OÜ (hereinafter referred to as wildberry.ee). The exchange of merchandise is effectuated on a legal basis.
1.2. General sales conditions can’t contradict the law of the Estonian Republic and if necessary can be supplemented (in case of a disagreement or missing information) with additional provisions.
1.3. . In addition, these general sales conditions regulate the relations between the Client and wildberry.ee, product information, pricing, merchandise information and current best practices.
1.4. wildberry.ee reserves the right to change the conditions and product prices at its own discretion and for its operational efficiency, competitive ability, development and further reorganization with the purpose of adding new products or changing the selection available. The new conditions, price changes and additions become effective from the moment the information on the webpage www.wildberry.ee is updated. If the Client placed an order before any changes to the conditions were made, the product is delivered to the Client in accordance with the previous conditions.
1.5. wildberry.ee and its customer wish to conclude a deal on sale/purchase of merchandise from wildberry.ee through wildberry.ee website in accordance with the conditions set forth in this document. On the wildberry.ee website, the Client confirms that they have read and accept the sales conditions.
1.6. Product images are for illustrative purposes only.

  1. Wildberry.ee prices

2.1. Prices for products sold at the internet store wildberry.ee are displayed in EURO and do not include shipping.
2.2. The cost of shipping depends on the method selected by the Client.
2.3. wildberry.ee reserves the right to regulate prices. The prices officially displayed when placing an order are effective for the Client.

  1. Cart and order placement

3.1. The Client adds products to cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.
3.2. Adding something to cart does not constitute the Client’s obligation to make a purchase.
3.3. The Client can change the contents of the cart by adding products or deleting them from it.
3.4. Until the payment is received, the product in one Client’s cart may be purchased by another Client.
3.5. To place an order, you must press the “Place an Order” button.
3.6. When placing an order, the Client selects a method and form of payment, as well as a shipping method.
3.7. Proper shipping and delivery depend on how precise the information provided by the customer was. The products are delivered properly when the order has been correctly placed. Upon clicking the “Send order” button an invoice is sent to the e-mail address specified.
3.8. A sale is considered fulfilled when the Client pays during a maximum of 2 days 100% of the amount due according to the invoice made out by wildberry.ee. The order will be sent when 100% of the amount due has been received to the account of wildberry.ee

  1. Payment for products ordered

4.1. Payment is carried out by transferring money to an account.
4.2. When the money is received from the Client, you receive a confirmation of that fact to the e-mail address specified.
4.3. If the Client did not get a notification about the funds received, please contact us by info@wildberry.ee within one hour from the moment the payment was made.
4.4. When an invoice is made out to the Client, it contains all required payment details.
4.5. If the money is not received to the supplier’s account within 5 business days, the order is annulled.

5. Product shipping and delivery

5.1. When the Agreement becomes effective (in accordance with point 3.8 and if the conditions of point 1.5 have been fulfilled), the products are shipped to the address the Client specified in the order.
5.2. The Client can select any of the following shipping methods:
5.2.1. Through Omniva within Estonia, through Itella within Estonia and Finland, DHL within Europe.
5.2.2 It’s also possible to pick up the order at our warehouse when agreed beforehand with our customer support.

5.3. wildberry.ee reserves the right to introduce changes to the shipping methods available.
5.4. Providing specific and correct information when placing an order helps to ensure delays and mistakes are avoided when delivering the products ordered. wildberry.ee or our delivery partners are not responsible for any delays or mistakes in the delivery in case these were caused by incorrect or insufficiently specific information provided by the Client when placing the order.
5.5. When wildberry.ee sends a package out, the Client gets a notification to their e-mail address.

  1. Order annulment and returning merchandise

6.1. wildberry.ee has a right to annul the Client’s order in case the invoice is not paid in full within 5 business days or within the period specified by the Client.
6.2. After making an advance payment (but before the products are delivered) the Client has a right to annul their order by sending a request to info@wildberry.ee. In your request, please make sure to specify your invoice/order number. The advance payment in the amount of EUR 7 will not be returned to the Client. The remaining amount received as an advance payment for the annulled order is refunded to the Client’s bank account within 2 business days but never later than within 30 business days from the moment the request was sent.
6.3.If the product does not fit the Client’s purpose or expectations, it can be returned within 14 business days from the moment it was delivered. The product can only be returned if it hasn’t been damaged or used, contains all the labels and is in the original package. The money refunded for the product returned is transferred to the Client’s bank account within 2 business days but never later than within 30 business days from the moment the product was delivered by wildberry.ee. To return a product, the Client must send a request to info@wildberry.ee.
6.4. The buyer covers any expenses related to the return of a product.
6.5. The buyer covers in full all expenses related to the return of the product, but no more than EUR 10, except for cases when the product delivered is not what was ordered.
6.6. If the Client wishes to exchange the product for a different product or the same product of a different size, they cover postal fees for the product being returned. wildberry.ee covers postal fees for a new replaced product only once. The Client pays for all and any further replacements.
6.7. wildberry.ee covers the expenses of a product return in case the product has defects that were impossible to detect upon visual inspection and that did not occur when the package was opened, as well as if the product is not what was ordered.

6.8 When Client chooses cryptocurrency payment option then wildberry.ee have right not to make any refunds due to high volatility of this payment method.

  1. Warranty and return of products of inadequate quality

7.1. According to the Law of Obligations Act (article 11, paragraph 218, page 2), the Client has a right to make claims within the period of 2 years from the moment the product was delivered. If a defect is detected within the first 6 months, it’s assumed it was already there when the product was purchased. The nature of the defect is determined by the seller.
7.2.  If the defect is of a technological nature, the Client may request for the product to be repaired. If a repair is not possible, the Client may demand for the product to be replaced. The Client can demand a refund if a replacement is not possible within a reasonable period because a matching product is not available (Law of Obligations Act (article 11, paragraph 222, page 1)
7.3. If an unexpected defect appears, the Client must send an e-mail to info@wildberry.ee that contains the following information: the Client’s name and contact information; date of making a claim; product defect discovered; demands to wildberry.ee being made; invoice number.
7.4. wildberry.ee will not be liable for:
7.4.1. product damage that occurred by fault or negligence of the Client.
7.4.2. defects that appeared as a result of non-intended use of the product
7.5.3. normal wear and tear of the product in the course of its intended use.

  1. Responsibility and force majeure

8.1. wildberry.ee is liable before the Client for any damage resulting from violation of the conditions in accordance with the legal acts of Estonia.
8.2. The Client is liable before wildberry.ee for any damage resulting from violation by the Client of the conditions in accordance with the legal acts of Estonia.
8.3. Neither of the parties is liable before the other one for conditions violated in the form of a delay or failure to comply with obligations in case this was caused by force majeure circumstances independent from the parties.
8.4 wildberry.ee does not compensate for moral damage that may be caused by change of prices, product delivery time etc in the framework of the current conditions.
8.5. wildberry.ee does not refund the Client’s expenses caused by circumstances when the client undertakes an obligation before third parties (independent from wildberry.ee) on conditions contradicting the current conditions.
8.6. wildberry.ee does not refund the Client for loss of opportunities caused by a change of delivery time, prices and other conditions.

  1. Other provisions

9.1. wildberry.ee uses the personal data provided by the Client only to process the Client’s orders. The data is treated with all due confidentiality; it is not passed to third parties except for cases the delivery method selected by the Client provides for it, as well as in cases provided for by the law.
9.2. wildberry.ee reserved the right to send information about new merchandise and advantageous offers to the client.
9.3. In any issues that are not regulated by the current conditions, the Client and wildberry.ee rely on the law of the Estonian state and other agreements that regulate bilateral relationships.
9.4. Any disputes that arise from the fulfillment of the current conditions will be resolved through negotiation before everything else. If the disputes arising from the Agreement did not manage to be resolved successfully through negotiation, both the Client and wildberry.ee are entitled to protecting their rights by applying to the Department of Consumer Rights protection or court of law.

  1. Final provisions

10.1. The law of Estonia applies to the current Order Conditions and sales purchase agreement of the internet store wildberry.ee. If any of the provisions in the order conditions is void, this will not affect the effectiveness of other conditions and sales purchase agreement. In such a case, the void provision is replaced with another provision closest to it by its legal and economic significance.