Keon Interactive Masturbator

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Keon Interactive Masturbator

  • Full-automatic interactive masturbator
  • Comes with a hand masturbator
  • 8 thrust speeds, 4 push lengths
  • Up to 230 push-ups per minute!
  • Compatible with many websites that offer adult videos

The highest level of masturbators!

The Keon combo kit includes a masturbator adapter (Keon) that is compatible with a removable hand masturbator. This combo provides interactive stimulation over bluetooth or wifi integrated with Kiiroo software. This means that you can use the masturbator through the page. It synchronizes the masturbator with videos, virtual reality, games and webcams. It can also be combined with a partner’s sex toy for long-distance sex. In interactive mode, the masturbator himself controls the density and length of the pushes according to the content of videos or games – he is able to make up to 230 pushes per minute! The contents of the masturbator are made of soft, close-to-skin material with a stimulating texture. The Keon adapter works with the contents of various Kiiroo masturbators, so if the contents in the complet should exhaust themselves, you can get yourself a new and different textured hand masturbator.