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Andropharma presents Vigor herbal and nutritional libido boosting pills for helping those whose sexual desire and strength has decreased.

Healthy sexual drive or libido plays an important role in men`s sexual relations. After extensive research and several improvements over the years we offer our third generation formula Andropharma Vigor pills aimed at boosting libido and improving sexual performance by increasing testosterone production and improving blood flow in the penis.

Peruvian maca – Lepidium meyenii

Peruvian maca – Lepidium meyenii

This turnip and radish related vegetable is the primal source of nutrition in some communities of the high Andes of Peru as it is highly nutritious and rich in minerals. Some of it darker colored varieties (black, purple, red) are also been used in traditional local curative practices. It has been always considered by the locals to have stamina and energy promoting-properties in men and claimed to have beneficial properties for the nervous system.
People which have been eating maca for generations believe it increases libido and say it improves semen production and its quality. Maca is considered a natural libido booster as it stimulates hypothalamus and pituitary glands which then affect endocrine glands like testes to produce sexual hormones and more sperm.
L – Arginine

L – Arginine

This common amino acid is a vital part of many proteins of the human body. It builds cells and plays an important function in healing processes, cell division and immune system as it effects releasing of some hormones, among the most important is human growth hormone which collaborates in processes of growth and regeneration. In addition it is involved in the first phase of the erectile response. Its transformation in nitric oxide (vasodilator gas), results in an increase of penis erection ability.


The second most abundant metal in human body is essential in countless processes of cell metabolism, growth, healing and restoration as it is a building block of proteins, DNA and enzymes and works as a coenzyme. It plays an important role in the conversion of testosterone hormone into more active forms and regulates the production and formation of sperm, especially its maturity and mobility.