1.  The Buyer clearly and consciously agrees to the processing of his or her personal data only in relation to this specific sales transaction or for receiving information about the Goods and delivery.
    2. Personal data known to the Seller shall be entered in the client register and the data shall be used only for rendering the sales service and delivering the Goods to the Buyer.
    3. The Seller shall retain the contact details of the Buyer, entered by the Buyer during the purchases, and information about the purchases made. This information shall be held as confidential and processed in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The company rendering courier services shall receive only the personal data of the Buyer needed for delivering the Goods.
    4. The Seller can use the personal data of the Buyer for making special offers to the Buyer and sending him or her information about the campaigns by e-mail only if the Buyer has agreed to this.
    5. Data communication between the Buyer and banks and the card payment center is encrypted, which guarantees the safety of the personal data of the Buyer and the bank data. The payment shall be executed outside the web store environment in the safe payment environment of the respective bank or service provider. The web store shall have no access to the bank and credit card data of the Buyer.